About us

The Responsible Online Commerce Coalition (ROCC) is building a broad coalition of businesses who rely on Amazon and other online platforms to reach their customers.

Our members include small businesses as well as some of the world’s largest household brands. Together, we are working to ensure a neutral platform where businesses who offer the best products for the best consumer value can prosper.

ROCC’s central aim is to ensure a level playing field on which businesses that offer the best products can prosper because consumers can easily find and buy their genuine products for the best price. Our members appreciate the important role that Amazon plays in the modern economy and want to ensure that the huge consumer benefits of e-commerce are protected and improved as we move forward.

Our focus is primarily on the U.S., the European Union, and the UK, but these issues are global in scope. We are working constructively with policymakers, legislators, competition authorities and courts in making balanced and evidence-based submissions that will improve the quality of the debate.