19 Oct 2023

ROCC Joins Coalition in Letter to President Biden Supporting the EU DMA

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On October 19, 2023, the Responsible Online Commerce Coalition (ROCC) signed on to a letter urging President Biden to back the European Union’s (EU) Digital Markets Act (DMA). ROCC joins a coalition of business associations, public interest think tanks, and industry oversight groups to support global efforts to combat abuse of monopoly power by Big Tech gatekeepers like Amazon.

“We urge you to be supportive of the robust implementation of the European Union’s Digital Markets Act,” stated the letter. “With a relatively few Big Tech giants dominating the digital sphere globally, it will help achieve our shared competition goals for countries worldwide to act to address this imbalance.”

PoliticoPro reported that this letter came one day after other pro-Big Tech business groups painted the DMA as a “protectionist” policy and complained that it unfairly targeted U.S. companies. However, the article explained that ROCC and its co-signers “argued that the DMA ‘is consistent with the Biden administration’s laudable fight for fair markets.’ [The authors of the letter] also accused leading technology firms of ‘trying to generate disputes between countries as a tactic to defeat oversight.’”

In the letter, ROCC and its co-signers also highlighted the quantitative criteria that the DMA outlines for designating a company as a gatekeeper. Contrary to the claims set forth by opponents of the DMA, who wish to evade oversight, the objective criteria “apply irrespective of the national origin of firms or their investors or boards.”

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